Sustainable Surfing

Here at Lyster we pride ourselves on our sustainability and ability to create high-performance surfboards with next to no waste.

We're all concerned about single use plastics ending up in our oceans. There's nothing we love more than a day at the beach with a good surf and we don't want to play any part in destroying the beauty of our oceans - which is why we've taken so many steps to eliminate plastic from our building process.

Our boards' cores are made entirely of wood, which means any waste comes in the shape of wood shavings and sawdust (which we use for compost in the garden) or wood off-cuts (used as fuel to heat the house and workshop). We then use Entropy resins 'Super Sap', a clear, UV stabilised epoxy system, to seal all of our boards. This is a bio-resin which massively reduces the environmental impacts usually made at this stage in building a conventional surfboard. The strong bond between the paulownia wood and the resin means our boards are less susceptible to pressure dings and are much more resistant to snapping.

Currently our FCS2 fin plugs contain plastic - we're hoping they'll make a non-plastic alternative soon, but until then these are our best option. Our vents (to allow the hollow core to breathe) are stainless steel and are made by Gore. Even the packaging for our boards is plastic free. We use Flexi-Hex, a cardboard based packaging product specifically designed for surfboards, as well as a paper-based tape, meaning your board will arrive safely and all packaging can be recycled on arrival (or re-used on trips).

We're sure you'll agree that a more sustainable approach to surfing is needed, and we want to be part of the solution. By buying one of our boards you'll be helping to make a difference!

If you want to know more about Lyster sustainability, or get your hands on a sustainable surfboard, drop us an email.

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