What makes our boards unique?

Modern engineering technology

With a background in physics, Duncan set out to design a wooden surfboard that was lightweight, but strong, and importantly a delight to surf. Achieving this meant rewriting the rules of surfboard construction. The corrugated wood our boards are made from has immense compressive strength, but at just over 1mm thick, each component weighs only a few grams. Aircraft technology designed for titanium and carbon fiber, but made with wood. 


The corrugated structure inside the board gives the deck unparalleled support, wherever you are on the deck, your heel will be covering at least 2 internal ribs, each of which can take a 300kg load. That means that no matter how hard you come down on it you won't get compression dings or cracks. The cork rails are impressively resistant to transport abuse and collisions in the water, but if you're unlucky enough to get a full on fin-chop they're also easy to repair.


Every part of the construction process is designed to have the lowest environmental impact possible. The woods are carefully selected from responsible sources, and we use the latest plant based resins. You can surf safe in the knowledge that you're not adding to unnecessary ocean plastic pollution, and your carbon footprint has been minimised. 


We believe function comes before beauty, but the woods chosen for their superior physical characteristics are also stunning to look at. The cork rails perfectly frame the paulownia deck and with a completely unique board under your arm, you're bound to get questions at the beach from those with a discerning eye.